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5 Unconventional Ways To Use Bobby Pins


Bobby pins are probably the one hair accessory that every girl has scattered around the house.  So rather than letting the crevices of your couch eat them, we found some new ways of using these pins that will make you want to start collecting.  Here are five easy styles to decoratively use these simple pins.


It is a common misconception that the ridge side of the bobby pin is to be placed upward, away from the head.  The ridges were actually created to morph and bend with the round of the head, so by placing the bumpy side down, you are creating more stability.  Ever try using a pin and it just keeps falling or won’t seem to hold the hair?  Try placing the ridge side down and let us know if it helps!

Look 1


This simple style looks much more complicated than it is.  Simply take a small section of your hair and secure at the back of your head (just above the occipital bone), by criss crossing two bobby pins.  Then, take small strands from the front of your hairline and pull back, so that it crosses over the bobby pins you just put in.  Secure with a pin, ridge side down, in a vertical fashion.  Then take another strand from the opposite side of your hairline, and repeat.  Continue until you have achieved a half up style, tucking in any ends.

Look 2


Get ready for take off, with this beautiful style reminiscent of old airline stewardess days.  This style is particularly beautiful on hair that has been pre curled or waved.  Pull one side of your hair down and secure with a large clip at the ends.  Then use your favorite decorative bobby pins to gently place in a parallel fashion.  Don’t worry about putting too much hair in the pins, as this look is more about fashion than function.  Remove the clip holding your hair into place, and viola, a beautifully elegant look.

Look 3


Rolled Up.

Start by using a sea salt or texturizing spray in hair to create grit and hold through the ends.  Then create a seep side part over the arch of on eyebrow.  Use the hair that you pull to the side and gather the ends with a bobby.  Roll the hair up, then use additional bobby pins to secure the original bobby to the head, using a criss crossing pattern.

Look 4

The Band

Start by using a strong hold gel or mousse in damp hair, then comb back so all hair is behind the ears.  Use your hands to hold the hair flat to your head at the crown, then secure with pins in an X pattern from behind one ear to the other.

Look 5


By far one of the most popular patterns of our day, the chevron or arrow pattern is easy to achieve.  Simply pull hair back into a low chignon, then carefully place pins in so that they are crossing at the tips, and the ends are open.  Feel free to be creative with the size of the arrows, and the size of the pins you use.

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