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5 Ways to Turn Basic Bangs Into French Girl Bangs

The recipe for French girl bangs calls for not trying, every girl’s dream. While French girl bangs are considered one of the more popular hair accessories, they also have a reputation for being hard to achieve. We’re to demystify the way to nailing the Parisian vibe for all fringe types. Ahead, Alex Castro—stylist at Sally Hershberger Salon in NYC and master of the petite French bob—shares his tips and favorite products for transforming any set of basic bangs into French girl bangs.


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Ideal Starting Point

Any bangs work for the ‘French girl’ fringe. I often see a cropped baby bang, or even a longer blunt bang. It really depends how short or long we can keep the perimeter hairline.

The Part Is Key

For me, the ultimate French girl bangs include a middle part and the hair tucked behind your ears. Apply OUAI Wave Spray on the palm of your hand or spray directly on medium wet hair (60%). Personally, I like to feel the hair and target the ends more than the roots so I choose to apply it on my hands. Then use your hands to go through the ends of your fringe. Try to let it air dry, or if you’re using a hair dryer, use medium heat and medium power.

If You Have Curly Hair

If you’re aiming for French girl bangs and have curly hair, there are two ways to achieve the style. Accept the beautiful curls and focus on going blunt with the perimeter hairline.

If you don’t want to go blunt, I always tell my clients to use a leave-in. OUAI Leave In Conditioner and Sally Hershberger 24k Liquid Assets Daily Conditioner Remedy have been my go-tos. After adding moisture in the hair, use any smoothing cream. Label.M Smoothing Cream is one I highly recommend. Then add some big braids, let the hair air dry and no touching until the hair is 90% dry.

If You’re a Wash-and-Go Girl

Personally, I love a lived-in feel when creating the French girl bangs, and a wash-and-go routine allows for that. To do this, skip a day of shampooing. On wash days, wash your hair with water, and always condition. After your hair is air dried, spray your fringe with dry shampoo and allow the hair to absorb the natural oils for that effortless French vibe. If there’s one thing I stand by, it’s using less shampoo. You can always add more shampoo as you go, but in general I recommend a quarter-size amount. Focus on the scalp more than the hair.

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