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5 Fall Hair Colors That Will Have You Running To The Nearest [High End] Salon

Fall is a wonderful time of year for fresh starts and new images.  For some reason, it’s comforting to adjust our image with the seasons, especially when transiting out of summer when our hair is most susceptible to sun damage.  While the 2014 trend may be to go short, for those of us who aren’t quite ready to make the chop, hair color is a great way to create change without sacrificing length.

Scroll below to see our favorite hair color trends to transition from summer to autumn.


Bronde?  Yep- a combination of brown and blonde.  By adding warm honey tones to blonde ends that may be bleached out from the heat and sun, you create instant shine and reflection.  This is perfect for girls who aren’t ready just yet to go dark, but are ready for something different, or for brunettes who want to create lighter tones without going completely blonde.  It’s the perfect compromise!


We are all about the reflection in Kim Kardashian West’s hair and love that she opted for a color closer to her natural hue.  For fall, we’re drooling over this dark base with ends just a shade or two lighter.  This brings contrast and depth to the hair.  Ask your colorist for a warm hue that will compliment your skin tone.


Is it the leaves changing color that makes us love these warm tones?  Perhaps it’s because the shorter days make our skin crave something vibrant.  Though it might be cliche, there’s a reason red’s are so popular in fall.  Try something different by keeping pieces around the face lighter and brighter, or ask for multiple tones for the biggest wow factor!


Jessica Alba always seems to nail the perfect shade of light brown.  While this color (in its natural state) can often appear dull or mousey, it’s the subtle highlights that give it gleaming life.  Keep the roots a shade or two darker a naturally lived in feel.


The days of ombre hair may be long and gone, but we love an updated variation for a more contemporary feel.  Keeping the ends lighter with more contrasting pieces (as opposed to the dip dye we have seen in years past) creates something softer that can grow out easily.


Which will you be trying?  Let us know our favorites in the comments!



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