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5 Festive Ways To Adorn Your Updo

Tired of the same ole’ same ole’?  Looking to try something new?  While this may sound like a 2am infomercial, we promise to deliver something better than two bacon bowls for the price of one.  So whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Kwanzza, Hanukkah, or anything in between, we’ve listed 5 ways to spruce up your holiday style.

1. Tinsel Town  

If an updo sounds just as fun as holiday jello mold from your weird cat lady neighbor, try using uncommon goods to add interest to your style.  Take tinsel for instance, what once graced a Noble Fir has now become the perfect hair companion. The shimmer adds a quirky texture while the style remains chic and classy.

Hair Tinsel ($10)

French Hair Pins ($8)  


2. In The Nick of Time

Perfect for glam girls who are on the go-go-go grind.  We picked up this tip from Jennifer Behr and we couldn’t be more obsessed.  Tie your hair up into a messy ponytail and decorate by placing the jewels over the top of the pony.  The ease of the clips and the festive sparkle make this our go-to style of the season.

Jennifer Behr Mara Crystal Drape ($425)


3.  If you like it then you should put a…

…bow on it?  Totally!  These knot tied tresses are as easy as pie, all you need is 3-4 feet of fabric.  Visit a local craft shop and or indulge in Amazon Prime 2 day shipping.

Fabric ($7)


4.  Keep it Classy

Every day we pull inspiration from stuff we find appealing and creating homemade hair accessories should be treated just the same!  We’ve been major fans of the Chanel bobby pin and love this as reference for your own holiday style.  At no more than $20 in materials this also makes a great gift for friends!

Fix the bobby pin and the pearl together by threading and wrapping wire continually.  Once finished (and when your updo is set in place) insert your oversized accessories in clusters or at random!

Jumbo Pearls ($9)

Bobby Pins ($3)

Spool of Wire ($7)

5. Just Add a Star

Ok so this may have been from the 2012 Fall Rodarte runway, but we can’t help but still lust over how perfect it is for the holiday season. Splurge on the original Rodarte clip or watch this Refinery29 video for how to make one yourself.

Rodarte Gold Star Hair Jewelry ($640)

2 minutes

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