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5 Times Celebrities Shocked Us With Pink Hair

This past October, Kate Hudson (along with her mother Goldie)  recently shocked us by dying their hair pale pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we couldn’t have loved the color more!   So we were inspired to think about all the times celebrities have wowed us with their rosy strands.  Take a look below.


1. Kate Hudson

Is there anything this woman can’t do?  She somehow seems to pull off the pastel shade naturally, thanks to colorist Danny Moon at Andy Lecompte Salon.


2. Sienna Miller

Does anyone else remember when Sienna Miller dyed her hair this beautiful rose gold ombre last year?  She only had it for a hot minute, but we wish she would have kept it longer!


3. January Jones

January Jones isn’t the biggest star known for taking risks in the fashion department, but she let her wild side peek through with these subtle pink highlights back in 2012.  January, we give you major props for changing it up and taking on the funk.


4. Willow Smith

Willow is a trendsetter in hair and fashion and we’re waiting on the edge of our seats to see what she comes up with next!


5. Lauren Conrad

Okay, so technically her hair was more of a peach, but we’re completely sold on this look.  Always one to turn heads with her hair, we give Lauren’s hairstylist and colorist, Kristin Ess two thumbs up for this summery shade.


6. Katy Perry

So, Katy didn’t technically SHOCK us with this hair color (as she’s been every My Little Pony color in the book), but we think it’s the subtlety of this color that was the surprise for Katy.  We love that she took it to a “normal” notch.


7. Elizabeth Olsen

Fine.  This was technically a wig colored by NYC haircolorist Aura Friedman, but we can’t help but wish it were the real deal. Elizabeth’s skin tone pops with this soft color, creating the epitome of our ethereal dreams.


Inspired to try a pink color?  If you’re not ready for the real deal, try the Davines Red Alchemic conditioner.

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