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5 Tricks For Photo Ready Hair

The holiday season is all about parties, friends, and family.  Now, with Instagram and Facebook to document every single moment, it’s important to look your best! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite hair tricks and secrets to make sure you are always camera ready this season.


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1. Clip-In Extensions

Think all the hair you see in magazines is real? No way! Almost all editorial hair stylists use clip in extensions to create the illusion of fuller hair. Hair photographs smaller, so don’t be afraid of trying a a few strands of clip-in’s to make sure your hair has that ‘wow’ factor. Just make sure to match the color perfectly (we suggest the help of an expert when choosing colors), use only human hair (so that it looks natural and will style), and ask your stylist to trim them to match your cut.

To apply, section your hair where you will be applying to clip, gently tease and the root, then spray with hairspray. Insert your clip, and viola, you’re done!

TIP: We suggest applying clips at least one inch away from the hairline so that no one sees those pesky tracks. We also suggest keeping them below the round of the head for a more natural look.

WE LOVE: Rapunzel Clip In Extensions

2. Bigger is Better

Remember how we said hair photographs smaller? Don’t be afraid of going a little over the top with your style. Perhaps that means adding more volume at the root, teasing gently with your Mason Pearson brush through the ends, or exaggerating the amount of curls in your style. Keep in mind that your hair will most likely relax through the evening, so starting with a more body and volume makes sure your style lasts all night.

Volume Building Products:

  1. Moroccan Oil Root Boost
  2. Oribe Grandiose Mousse
  3. Schwarzkopf Dust It Hair Powder
  4. Kenra Volumizing Spray


3. Fill in the Part

Looking great in photos is all about the art of illusion (why do you think contouring is so popular right now?). Well think about contouring your hair with the help of a few products. We’ve talked about filling in the part before, and we’ll talk about it again, because this has been a game changer. Unless you are wearing a style with a defined part line, it creates the illusion of fuller hair. We suggest using an eyeshadow similar to your base color or the Rita Hazan Root Concealer.

TIP: Use on thinning or sparse hairlines in addition to the part to fill in and create fullness.


4. Shine Bright

A little shine can attract the eye in addition to making hair look healthier. Have you ever seen hair as shiny as a Pantene commercial? Neither have we, but that doesn’t stop people from buying the shampoo. Everyone wants shiny hair, and we’ve got just the things to make it happen.

Shine Enhancing Products:

  1. Oribe Light Reflecting Shine Spray
  2. Sachajuan Straight and Shine Spray
  3. Rodin Luxury Hair Oil


5. Kiss Those Pesky Flyaways Goodbye!

A few stray hairs or an unruly hairline can put a damper on a great photo. Do yourself a favor and make sure to blow dry your hairline first with a Ibiza boar bristle or Mason Pearson brush to tame hair from the start.

TIP: Spray a toothbrush with hairspray once your hair is styled and use it brush down frizz and flyaways (also great for managing parts and hairlines).

WE LOVE: Elnett Satin Hairspray

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