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6 Alternative Takes on the Curtain Bangs Trend

Center-parted bangs are 2021’s statement fringe.

From tik tok stars to Hollywood darlings, the freshest faces in the beauty sphere are ditching their long layers for the ultra-flattering curtain bang fad. And it’s not hard to see why. This retro fringe fad is understated but ultra-flattering. While we’re always here for a little feathered face-framing, some stylists have been taking this cut to edgier heights. With razor sharp edges, curved-in ends, and micro-middles, alternative curtain bangs are making a splash this season.

Check out 6 alternative takes on the trend below.

1. Micro-Middle Fringe

The curtain bang but make it micro. Going super short in the center of your strands exaggerates the curtain bang gradient in a super chic way.

2. Blunt Curtain Bangs

In the midst of a blunt bang grow out? A simple split down the middle takes your eyebrow-skimming fringe to a fabulous face-framing place.


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3. Curved-In Curtain Bangs

Courtney Trop is always one step ahead of the rest of us. Her chin-length fringe looks too cool with this ever-so-subtle kicked-in curl.


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A post shared by Courtney Trop (@alwaysjudging)

4. 90s Volume

Think curtain bangs are just a 70s aesthetic? Think again. A little bit of added volume (easily achieved with a set of old school curlers) takes this fluffy fringe into an entirely different decade.


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A post shared by courtney baldwin (@courtneybaldwin_)

5. Faux Face Framing

Curtain bangs without the commitment. With some strategic waving you can totally recreate this trend sans trim.


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6. Razor Sharp Bangs

Super sharp edges aren’t just for super short bangs. This straight-cut cheekbone-length fringe is edgy in all of the right ways.


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