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6 Breakup Haircuts That Are Better Than Being in a Relationship

They don’t deserve you… or your fabulous mane.

We’re not going to sugar coat it: break ups can be tough. But every cloud has a silver lining. What’s the upside to a romance gone awry? The breakup cut. One of the pivotal stages in the getting-over-someone process. A dramatic new ‘do can usher in a new era and help you move on with a magnificent mane. Loose that length and find your footing with these 6 transformative post-relationship haircuts.

1. Razor Bob

Talk about dramatic. Loosing your length for a  razor straight bob is about as bold as you can go, and you’re going to look fierce.


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2. Bixie

Scratch that: the bixie is about as bold as you can go aka the perfect hybrid of both a bob and a pixie. Halsey’s grown-out pixie look is the ultimate over-you aesthetic.


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3. 90s Bob

Nothing says moving on like a short haircut, okay? That’s clearly the theme here. Volume-heavy and side-parted, the 90s bob is perfect for the post-relationship phase.

4. Lived-In Lob

Looking for a change that isn’t too too out there? A textured lob might be just the thing for your move-on mane, ideal for those who want to spice things up without totally taking off all the length.


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5. Fringe

Did someone say bangs? Now is the time! Change your mane without really changing your mane using this simple, effective, staple. A bit of fringe takes your breakup hair from glum to glam.


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6. Lots of Layers

Not into rash decisions? This is for the level-headed lovers. Even subtle change can go a long way – especially after ending things with your ex.


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