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6 Celebrity Hairdressers Give Us the Deets on Their Quarantine Schedules

A few short weeks ago our calendars were packed and the days flew by.

Fast forward to May, where the new normal is being constantly reminded what day it is because quarantine has you losing track of time. Although hair pros aren’t able to pack their salon books solid, they’ve managed to make use of their time in different ways.

Celebrity hairstylists like Jen Atkin, Cassondra Kaeding, Justine Marjan and Riawna Capri have found a way to keep packed schedules despite quarantine. Ahead, these six celebrity hairdressers are sharing how they’ve pivoted amidst quarantine. And with no real sign of when this will be over, put on your thinking caps and take notes.

(via Unsplash)

Justine Marjan Launched a YouTube Channel

We could scroll down Justine’s Instagram for days finding inspiration for our next ‘do. In a few short years the celebrity hair pro has made a name for herself and her accessories collection. The busy bee didn’t let quarantine slow her down. She used this downtime to debut a YouTube channel with longer form content. We can’t wait subscribe.

Riawna Capri Launched a Candle That Sold Out

Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee’s Incommon brand launched with much success. The haircare line added the perfect at-home companion during quarantine: a candle. Riawna debuted this chic home accessory and promptly announced to her followers that the newest addition to the Incommon brand was sold out in just 14 hours. How about that for quarantine success?

Anh Co Tran is Firing Up IGTV

Who says hair pros are taking it easy during quarantine? Although celebrity stylist Anh Co Tran can’t see his clients IRL, he hasn’t let that stop him from creating. The Mane Master showed his followers how to perfectly blow dry a bob on IGTV. The informational clip is over five minutes long and lays out the foundation for achieving a smooth finish.

Adir Abergel is Hilariously Keeping it Fashion

Seeing humans during quarantine is a no-no but Adir Abergerl hilariously shows us how he keeps it fashion despite the lock down. The video begins with him talking seriously to a client about the next it trend. The camera pans out to reveal a cute dog with a wig was his “client” all along.

Jen Atkin Partnered with Cassondra Kaeding For an At-Home Color Tutorial With Cassondra’s New Color Kits

We would be rich if we had a dollar for every time somebody took color into their own hands and royally messed it up during quarantine. Grays and roots are driving everyone at home crazy and Jen Atkin and Cassondra Kaeding took note. They got together for a Friday Funday that gave viewers very real tips on taking color into their own hands. The duo produced the instructional content we are all dying for during quarantine. Cassondra Kaeding is also now offering her custom formulas via her CKaedingColor Kits, now available on her website.

These are seven celebs who made MAJOR hair changes during quarantine.

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