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6 Grown Up Gels to Try

If you’re anything like me, you were ushered into the world of haircare with a ginormous bottle of LA Looks gel.

A yellow/pink/blue brightly hued oversized container of the viscous substance basically lived in the bathroom at my middle school, where it served as a beacon for every girl, whether they were gelling bangs, shellacking curls, or essentially plastering down their ponytails.

The idea of touchable locks didn’t enter my orbit until I was at least 15, after which, I pretty much never looked back. Like me, however, gel has grown. Not to be haunted by its less than elegant past, I took a trip down the often overlooked “gel aisle” of our proverbial beauty shop counter to bring you the adult version of the most nostalgic hair product.

Pattern Strong Hold Gel: $25

Tracee Ellis Ross’ haircare line includes a hair gel perfect for giving textured hair a sleek slick look.

The Doux Big Poppa Defining Gel: $15.95

Resist humidity and fight frizz without looking like you’re trying out for a spiky hair boy band revival.

Briogeo Curl Charisma™ Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-In Defining Crème: $20

Briogeo’s botanical infused hair gel is all you need to shape and define curls.

Moroccanoil Strong Styling Hair Gel: $19.99

Infused with argan oil, Moroccanoil’s gentle gel leaves hair touchable, in place, and shiny (but never flakey).

Living Proof Curl Defining Gel: $28

Ditch the crunch and the weight, common with adolescent gels, with Living Proof’s made to shape soft waves version.

Aussie Instant Freeze Hair with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp Gel: $3.49

Aussie’s budget-friendly option leaves strands fragrant and, most importantly, in place.

THIS healthy hair gel is made with quinoa.

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