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6 Haircare Brands You Can Feel Good About

Hair Organic Natural Brands Products

If you’re the type of person that takes a magnifying glass to the long list of ingredients in your favorite beauty products, you’re probably used to disappointment. There can be a lot of nastiness hiding in there! Luckily, however, there are a crop of new products  in the hair industry that don’t include the unsafe, questionable ingredients you don’t want but still manage to bring else everything you DO want to the table. In short, these are hair-care brands you can feel good about using:



After a chic launch into the beauty sector, Jessica Alba’s ever expanding line of organic products now includes (as of late August) a hair care line. One of favorite things about the Honest Launch aside from Honest Beauty Truly Restored Leave-in Conditioner (SO good), is the sheer number of items in such a new line.



Art Naturals prides themselves on their use of premium organic and natural ingredients and their philosophy is to ‘offer quality, natural products with exceptional beauty results’. Plus, they work – seriously. 


My favorite part about True Botanicals? The bottles! They look and feel luxurious plus the product itself smells amazing. A must-have for serious natural brand enthusiasts.


NIUCOCO is another up and coming line who focuses on the power of natural ingredients. The star in their products is a unique form of cold-pressed coconut oil so their products are super moisturizing and smell delicious.


I found this product via Sephora.com and tried it because their salt spray had such great reviews – even among non-organic brands. Anytime a natural brand can compete against a traditional brand, it’s worth switching to in my book.



Rahua is another brand that successfully squares off against some of the biggest names in hair. I love the diversity of their products, which exceed my expectations for such a natural focused brand, for example the new Freestyle Texturizer pictured above.


Are you an ingredient snob (in a good way)? Name you fave brands below!

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