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6 Mistakes You’re Making When Blow Drying Your Own Hair

Blow drying your hair is something you’re likely very familiar with. Chances are you even have a go-to routine. But what if we told you that you’ve likely been blow drying your hair wrong this entire time? Well, that just so happens to be the case. You’ve probably been making a number of at-home blow drying mistakes that you didn’t even know about until now. We want to ensure you stop making the same mistakes to protect your hair. Keep scrolling to discover the most common mistakes you’re making when blow drying your hair!

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Mistake #1: Not letting your hair air dry.

When we’re in a rush, we often hop out of the shower with sopping strands and get to work. Or, sometimes we’re simply impatient and can’t be bothered to air dry our tresses before blow drying them. This is only going to cause more damage than necessary. Wet hair is already incredibly fragile and blasting it with heat will make things even worse. Make sure you give your locks enough time to dry before blow drying them to prevent them from becoming brittle, rough, and damaged.

Mistake #2: Using the wrong brush.

It’s imperative you use the right brush when blow drying your hair at home. Using a brush that isn’t designed to withstand heat or one that will snag and tear won’t protect your locks when drying them. And when heat is involved, you need to protect them as much as possible. Finding the right brush for you will depend on your hair type and texture. Use this guide to help you discover the best brush for you.

Mistake #3: Not using a heat protectant.

Again, protecting your hair from the amount of heat it endures when being blow dried is crucial. We know it can sometimes feel like an unnecessary extra step in the process, but it will only help your strands more than hurt them. You owe it to your hair to take that extra couple of minutes to apply a heat protectant.

Mistake #4: Not sectioning your hair.

Of all the at-home blow drying mistakes, this is one of the more common ones. Stylists will section your strands at the salon, but how many of you actually do it at home? Our guess is not very many. While it may seem easier to dry your strands at once, sectioning your hair will make them that much more voluminous and even smoother. So take the time to section your strands if you really want to achieve a salon-worthy blowout.

Mistake #5: Blow drying in the wrong direction.

There’s a tendency to go rogue when blow drying your strands. You may move the blow dryer around in every which direction to ensure you don’t miss a spot. The best thing you can do is go from root to tip. Your roots tend to collect more water, so starting there is key. Not to mention, drying in the direction of hair growth will get rid of excess moisture to make your hair smoother.

Mistake #6: Applying too much heat.

One final at-home blow drying mistake we’re all quite guilty of is turning up the heat more than we should. Using the highest heat setting will dry your strands quicker, but it will come at a cost. Your locks will be more dry and damaged than necessary, so keep the heat setting or air setting low to protect your hair as best as possible.

Knowing which blow dryer to buy isn’t as easy as it seems. Discover the best one for you by browsing through our expert guide to buying a blow dryer HERE!

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