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6 New Cruelty-Free Brands to Shop in 2022

Looking to refresh your haircare collection in the New Year? Well, look no further. We’ve got just the brand round up for you right here. And the best news? They’re all cruelty-free. With ethical processes (no animal testing here) and formulas for all hair types, these cruelty-free brands are changing the game in 2022.

These 6 cruelty-free brands are definitely on our 2022 wishlist. Check them out below!

1. Ceremonia

This Latin-x founded, cruelty-free brand is changing the scalp care game. With award winning remedy oils and treatment products, Ceremonia is dedicated to natural ingredients and great haircare.

Via Ceremonia

2. Sándor

Another cruelty-free brand that should definitely be on your radar. Excellent haircare and sustainable packaging come together to form this brand’s luxe new products.

Via Sándor

3. Odele

Launched in 2020, this clean hair brand is already making waves. Cruelty-free, vegan, dermatologist-tested and woman owned and operated, Odele makes high quality, all-gender products for every price point.

Via Odele

4. K18

Science meets salon at K18. The fast-growing, cruelty-free beauty brand hit Sephora shelves this year, boasting plastic-neutral products with patented peptide technology aimed at repaired damaged hair.

Via K18

5. LolaVie

After years of having the most enviable mane, Jennifer Aniston is sharing all her secrets with the recent launch of her cruelty-free hair line, LolaVie. This new brand is also water-conscious and formulated with renewable products like bamboo.

Via LolaVie

6. JVN Hair

Another recent launch we’re excited about – celebrity stylist Jonathan Van Ness is bringing years of experience and serious style to JVN Hair. This ultra-inclusive line is cruelty-free, backed by science, and responsibly packaged.

Via JVN Hair

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