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6 New Year Product Drops We’re Definitely Looking Forward To

New year, new products.

2021 has a lot in store for us, and not just because it’s the end of what is quite possibly Earth’s most frustrating year to date. The new year also has plenty of product launches on the docket, and we rounded up the best of the best below. From mineral masks to at-home gloss treatments, January is brining a TON of brand new beauty buys we just can’t wait to get our hands on. Nothing like a shopping spree to kick off the new year, right?

We have our eye on these 6 January launches, and so should you!

1. Dove Beauty Strengthens Hair Mask + Minerals: $4.99

Dove is finally bringing the skin benefits of white clay to our strands. From heat styling to teasing, this nourishing mask works hard to combat every form of damage.

Via Target

2. Nexxus Curl Define Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner: $14.99

Nexxus’ claim to fame is producing high performance products at an affordable price point, so we’re super psyched about this curl-defining miracle mask set to launch in January.

Via Target

3. Pantene Miracle Rescue Moisture Mix-In Treatment: $5

‘Tis the season for dry, damaged hair. This hydration boosting treatment is one of a kind: simply add a few drops to your favorite conditioner for a burst of vital vitamins.

Via Pantene

4. Tresemmé Clear Gloss High Shine Deep Conditioner: $3.99

Get salon-level gloss from the comfort of your own home with this unique conditioning treatment. In just three minutes time this clear gloss gives your mane an instant color-enhancing boost of shine.

Via Tresemmé

5. Ogx Lightweight Coconut Fine Curls Conditioner: $5.79

Curly hair does not equal thick hair. Ogx is busting this age old myth with a new line of cleansing products formulated for those with fine curls.

Via Target

6. Ameliorate Transforming Scalp Serum: $18

This British beauty brand is making its U.S. debut this January, and we’re so stoked. With trichologist approved dry scalp treatments, this brand is using the power of skincare to combat flakes and itchiness like no other.

Via Ameliorate


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