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6 Divine Palo Santo Scented Hair Products

When it comes to haircare, an expertly-constructed, intoxicating scent really pulls together the perfect product.

And this season’s most sought after fragrance comes in the form of palo santo, a sensual combination of woodsy notes and citrus overtones. Derived from a wild tree of the same name native to the Yucatán Peninsula, palo santo has quickly become something of a beauty phenomena. And now our favorite haircare brands are taking note.

Add these 6 palo santo scented hair products to your collection.

1. MIZU Palo Santo Scented Hair Oil: $65

A good hair oil is an absolute essential, and MIZU’s ethereal creation highlights the brand’s sustainable-harvested Palo Santo. This 100% natural blend provides a gentle, mysterious, warmth to your aesthetic.


2. NOTO Botanicals Rooted Oil: $52

This moisture-rich oil creates an alluring scent ideal for the skin and hair. Made with palo santo oil, cedarwood, and Somalian frankincense NOTO Botanicals Rooted Oil remove toxins and soothes your strands.

Via Revolve


3. Red Flower Hydrating Hair Wash: $36

Sulfate-free and crafted with care, this clean beauty product uses a combination of coconut oil, coconut glycerin, panthenol pro-vitamin B5, castor seed oil, and whole essential oils to clean your hair. Last but not least, this cleanser leaves your strands lustrous and freshly scented with palo santo.

Via Red Flower

4. Bogue Milk Soap No. 20 Palo Santo Blend Organic Shampoo: $20

This oil-infused shampoo is perfect for smoothing strands and eliminating frizz. Using palo santo and oil from the nuts of the Kukui Tree, this organic shampoo penetrates the hair shaft leaving hair healthier than ever.

Via Bogue Milk Soap

5. Rahua Classic Conditioner: $35

The lovely palo santo scent is at the heart of so many Rahua products. With the added benefit of the strengthening Rahua oil, healing quinoa and aloe, these all-natural ingredients give a much needed boost to lackluster locks.

Via Sephora

6. Annmarie Skincare Palo Santo Hair and Body Mist: $55

A non-toxic hair mist to end them all. Annmarie Skincare’s unique formula is made with a sustainably sourced blend of essential oils, including palo santo to create a grounding experience.

Via Verishop

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