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6 Pixie Trends We’re Day-Dreaming About

Mermaid hair is cool and all, but have you ever just spent hours day-dreaming about ultra-short crops?

We definitely have. From the punk rock mullet-pixie to the Rosemary’s Baby chop, teen-tiny haircuts are catching our eyes. They’re literally everywhere we look. With celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, Halsey, and Florence Pugh leading the charge, loosing your locks is looking better and better.

Basically…we’ve got pixies on the brain. Whether you’re thinking about taking the plunge or just admiring the latest trends, here are 6 killer pixie cuts we’re kind of obsessing over.

1. Mixie

The mullet and the pixie – two trends we’ll never get tired of. With choppy texture, ultra-short fringe and slightly longer ends, this punk rock crop is at the top of our minds.


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2. Starlet Pixie

This look is giving Old Hollywood with an edge. A little bit of Hepburn, a little bit of Gable – only the best of the best in this gorgeous cut.

3. Bixie

Adaptable, versatile, and totally unique – no wonder so many celebs are opting for this inbetween cut. Nearly bob length but full of that characteristic pixie texture, the bixie is top of the list.


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4. Grown-Out Pixie

The grow out phase has never looked better. A grown out pixie is, dare I say, almost better than the fresh cut. Almost page boy length, this short crop highlights your hair’s unique waves and bends.


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5. Rosemary’s Baby

Mia Farrow might have popularized the ultra-short pixie, but Zoe Kravitz made it legendary. It takes some series power and poise to pull this one off.


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6. Fringe Forward

Side swoop? Check. Feathered fringe? check. This longer length pixie is light and lovely.


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