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6 Post-Workout Styling Tricks to Avoid Washing Your Hair

With summer right around the corner, you might be thinking about kicking your workouts into high gear in order to reach your summer bod goals, which could also potentially mean spending a lot of time washing your hair. But since washing your hair too often is not fun and can leave your strands feeling super dry, we spoke to a few stylists about styling post-workout hair without washing it. So you can no longer use “I can’t, I just washed my hair” as an excuse to get out of a workout. Whether you’re hopping on the bike at SoulCycle or rolling out the yoga mat, keep reading to find out the six post-workout styling tips we recommend you follow to preserve your mane.

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1. Use mousse on your roots before your workout.

Celebrity stylist Tyler Laswell suggests working in a small amount of mousse onto your roots before you pull your hair up because your natural oils and sweat will soften the mousse creating the perfect combo for your post-workout blowout. Tyler prefers TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Mousse or TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse.

2. Wear your hair in a bun during your workout.

Your workout is the perfect time to embrace the topknot, according to Tyler. “Wearing your hair in a high, tight bun during your sweat session will keep your mid-lengths and ends off of your sweaty shoulders and neck. This will preserve your texture and shorten the amount of time that your blowout will take because your roots will be the only thing that needs to be dried.”

3. Blow dry your roots before you use dry shampoo.

According to Kevin Hughes, celebrity stylist and artistic director for Moroccanoil, turning your blow dryer to its lowest/coolest setting and directing the air towards the roots until dry is super important before applying dry shampoo because you want to eliminate as much moisture as possible while achieving a bit of a lift at the root area. This will really help with your post-workout hairstyles and will help your roots look as clean and fresh as possible. 

4. Dy shampoo, dry shampoo, dry shampoo.

Of course dry shampoo is the holy grail of hair products, especially for any post-workout hairstyle. According to Kevin, in order to properly apply the product, you should spray the dry shampoo on your roots in one-inch sections and activate it with either a brush or your fingertips, giving your hair a good toss. This ensures that the product moves around and will absorb as much oil as possible.

For dry shampoos that strike away oils while deodorizing your hair, try Matrix Texture Builder, TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo, or Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.

5. Trade in your round brush for a curling iron.

Both Tyler and Kevin agree that instead of spending a bunch of time blow drying your hair, you should swap out your blow dryer and round brush for a larger curling iron. Grab large sections of your hair and wrap them around the iron. This will increase shine and smooth any frizz.

Tyler suggests Hot Tools Jumbo Size Curling Iron.

6. Texturizing spray is your best friend.

We spoke to celebrity stylist and Matrix artistic director Nick Stenson after an intense kickboxing class at Gotham Gym held by Matrix for their new Total Results Brass Off collection, where he advised that in addition to dry shampoo, you should also finish with a texturizing spray. “What’s great about those two products is it’s going to dry any of the oils for the workout out. Texture builder will give you a little bit of hold if you want to work in any of the natural texture,” says the stylist.

Kevin also recommends using a texturizing spray if your ends are feeling a bit limp. He suggests using Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray for tousled texture and volume.

Happen to have textured hair and exercise often? You’ll likely enjoy THIS haircare brand!

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