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In With the New: 6 Stunning Brunette Shades to Try in 2022

2022 is upon us. Why not usher in the new year with a serious shade upgrade?

This January 1st, we said goodbye to blonde strands (for a little while, at least), and hello to deeper, darker colors. So far, 2022 has been all about the new brunette hues. From Gigi Hadid’s chestnut tresses to Dove Cameron’s expensive brunette strands, the internet is just bursting with too-cool tones we’re dying to try.

So we rounded up the best of the best here. These six brunette hair colors are hitting it big in the new year.

1. Auburn Accents

2021 was the year of the redhead. And it looks like some of that ginger inspo is spilling over in 2022. Glowy, auburn accents add a delightful pop of dimension to deep brunette tresses.


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2. Chestnut Strands

Gigi Hadid just took her gorgeous red hair to a more muted, brunette shade. This warm chestnut color is subtle but simply stunning.


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3. Copper and Caramel

If it’s warmth you’re after, look no further than a copper and caramel balayage. Have you ever seen a sweeter brunette shade?

4. Dark Roast

Like a strong cup of coffee, this brunette tone is just the thing to wake up your sleepy winter style. The depth and dimension on this look is truly too good.

5. Expensive Brunette

Looking for something on the more neutral side? Expensive brunette is just the ticket. Endorsed by Hailey Bieber, Billie Eilish, and others, this natural-looking shade is so chic.


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6. Deep Cocoa

Like espresso, but with a little something extra. This ultra dark color has just the right balance of warm and neutral tones, for a winter tone we’re loving.

THIS is everything you need to know about the expensive brunette color trend.

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