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6 Times JLO’s Hair Had Us

JLo Hair Cover Shot

After almost 30 years in the spotlight, stunner Jennifer Lopez plays a lot of roles (singer, actress, dancer, TV host), but our favorite thing about her (we’re a little biased) has to be that we are somehow still not tired of her fabulously styled, on-point, well-maintained hair. So in honor of her birthday this past weekend, here are 6 times JLo’s hair had us…

1. In the early days, chocolate colored and long in a subtle 90s half-pony.

JLo Hair Jennifer Lopez Young

2. In this amazing multiple top-knot-twist …

Top Knot JLo

or this traditional top knot with a bright purple head scarf as a tie…

JLo Top Knot Scarf Hair

3. Short, undone curls with max-texture. 

JLo Short Curly Hair

4. Braided and edgy, with expertly styled baby-hairs.

JLo Hair Braids Short

5. Honey colored sleek perfection, shot for her clothing line.

JLo Hair Honey color sleek long

6. And finally, this insane mohawk braid from her ‘Feel the Light’ video.

JLo Hair Braid Music Video

Which is your fav JLo #manemoment?!

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