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6 Tricks Stylists Use To Hide Clip-In Extensions


Whether or not you realize it, extensions are everywhere – and understandably so. They (clip-ins, in particular) are an easy, non-committal way to add realistic length, volume and color to any look and are available in a huge variety of colors, sizes and price points. You might even be surprised to find out that some of your favorite celebrity red-carpet looks have been created with extensions! See here.

With that said, even the most easy-to-use clip-in extensions require a little extra work to make sure they are seamless and invisible when styled, especially for the red carpet!  Proper application and care are ultimately the most important for this, but we’ve rounded up a few tricks stylist use to disguise everything a little more. Keep reading;

14034716_10153663093951945_5861846633765903119_nMix Colors To Find Your Match

The best way to blend extensions with your natural hair is to find a color that matches your hair perfectly. And if you can’t find it, create it! Everyone’s hair is unique and has a lot of different shades/tones so sometimes it’s better to mix two different color extensions. Rapunzel of Sweden (an MA favorite) sells pre-colored mixed tones but you can always blend two existing shades or dye your extensions to match. Also, having more than one color will add immediate dimension and vibrancy to you hair.

Wash First

When you find your color and attach your clip-ins, you’ll find they sometimes looks too smooth and perfect.  A pro tip is to wash them before your first use. After they’ve been washed they have a more realistic texture to them. 


Style (and cut) Before You Clip

There’s no better way to eliminate the ‘fake’ look than to have a stylist cut your extensions to match the way your hair is cut. This is especially important if you have a lot of layers or razored ends. And obviously, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re wearing fake hair if the extensions aren’t styled like rest of your head.  Be sure to style before you clip to prevent unnecessary pulling or melting of the clip’s glue.

Add Grip With Dry Shampoo or Teasing 

When you tease the hair around where you want to clip your extension or add dry shampoo you are essentially adding grip so that the clip-ins won’t slide. If you can, opt for a sulfate-free dry shampoo so that it won’t cause any damage to your extensions. Teasing is any especially good choice if you have thin hair as it creates a thick base for the weft. Pro Tip: If the hair that falls over your clip is thin, tease that part as well so that your clip doesn’t peek through.

Blend With Root Concealer

Root Concealer as an easy and fast way to help hide the tracks on extensions and blend them into the hair. It works especially well if you’re opting for a complicated style like a braid or top knot. Rita Hazan makes an amazing root concealer spray.


Get Creative

Ok this is technically not a ‘trick’ but if you’re in a pinch try and find creative ways to blend your clip-in ins, like with ponytail holders and fun braids. If you need inspiration, check out Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram. Justine Marjan works wonders on her short lob.

And there you have it! Oh, and if you’re looking for a new set of extensions, we recommend Rapunzel of Sweden. The quality of their hair is great and they have a huge range of colors and lengths so that you can mix and match to find the best colors for your hair. Have fun!

Do you wear clip-ins? Share your tips with us below!

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