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15 Iconic 60s Hair Icons

We tend to look to the past to get inspired for the future. And while the ’90s has been having a major moment–there’s one decade that seems to stand out a little more than the rest: the ’60s. Wickedly provocative social reform ushered in an army of advantageous style–everything from androgyny to sex kitten to girl-next-door was fair play. The ’60s offered a little something for everyone, which is why it still serves as an endless source of inspiration for fashion, music, and yes, beauty.

Below, we’ve rounded up our fave 60s hair muses, and even used the decade to inspire our August Mane Muse shoot with Maddie Ziegler, which launches in just one week! Take a look, be inspired.


Long before Michelle Obama filled up our feeds with perfect First Lady fashion, there was Jackie Onassis. The purveyor of the skirt suit and pill box hat, First Lady Jackie’s wardrobe and hair served as the canvas for perfectly poised 60s hair.


Before the bikini-clad babes of Bay Watch, there was Raquel Welch, who proved all you really needed was a brilliant bouffant and a bangin’ bod to make it in Hollywood.

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The original “it girl,” Edie Sedgwick inspired the great Andy Warhol, and was the creme of the NYC art scene. Characterized by her blonde pixie and leotard + tights uniform, Edie broke down boundaries.

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Who knew a mob top would be all the rage? The Beatles’ effortlessly undone manes were vastly different from the slicked back, in vogue men’s hairstyles of the time–making them that much more popular.

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The original French sex kitten, Brigitte is the OG blonde bombshell with her messy, piled-high up-do.


Pixie cuts, shift dresses and colored tights–Mia Farrow was playful with her fashion choices and created that sought after gamine style.

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It’s hard to contain Andy Warhol to just one decade, since he had such a strong influence on art, social reform, and culture over the course of his life. But there’s something about his bright blonde hair that still resonates with the ’60s NYC party scene where he was frequently spotted with his forever muse, Edie Sedgwick.

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Easily one of the most recognizable British icons, Twiggy transformed the hair and makeup scene with her androgynous haircut, big eyes, and super long lashes.


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Dubbed the world’s first supermodel, the “Shrimp” went from middle-class schoolgirl to one of the most famous face of the 1960s, namely for her relationship with bad boy photographer David Bailey.

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Long before Destiny’s Child rose to mega girl group status, there was The Supremes. Poised and pretty, these women and their beehives were always dressed to impress.

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This English actress captured the hearts of the world with her effortless off duty English meets French style. Her straight hair and bangs are still emulated today!

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While the ’60s paved the way for daring and edgy style, prim looks still had their moment thanks to women like Audrey Hepburn.

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Singer and novelist Marsha Hunt became iconic for her huge Afro hairstyle (which graced the cover of Vogue) and love of floaty, bohemian dresses.


Hailed as one of Hollywood’s most promising newcomers, Sharon Tate’s life was sadly cut short–but her legacy (and her enviable mane) lives on through the work of genius that is Valley of the Dolls. 

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Still an icon today, Cher’s known for her super long long locks. Back in the ’60s, her raven hair and blunt bangs, kohl-rimmed eyes and love of prints and mod trousers made her a standout icon of the decade.

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For more muse-worthy hair, CHECK OUT these iconic French women!

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