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‘Tis the Damn Season for These 7 Festive Braids

Braids are hands-down the most versatile style. Whether you’re creating a subtle style or looking for full-on show-stopping glam, you can say it with a braid. Twist it up, keep it lady-like, or add a dash of jingle bell glitz, this is all the holiday braids inspiration you need.

Snow Flower

Switch it up with white flowers, which will add dimension to any kind of braid and make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland.


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Bling Braid

Celeb stylist Nai’vasha intricately wraps Alicia Keys’ high braid with rhinestones for the ultimate holiday bling flex.


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Gift Wrapped

Treat your braid like the present it is and secure it with the scarf or ribbon of your choosing. You can be as obviously festive or as low key as you’d like.

Color in the Lines

Vernon François is the king of memorable styles, and this fun, ultra high braid with blue hair weaved in is no exception. Go for white, red, green, or gold to really make a statement this holiday.


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Charming Accents

Accent your braided style by piercing it with holiday appropriate charms. You can get as experimental as you’d like or keep it safe with stars, taking inspo from Issa Rae’s hair bestie, Felicia Leatherwood.


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Autumn Princess

Aside from rocking autumnal ginger locks, you can up your braid game by copying this cylindrical braided halo, heightened by on-season jewelry.

French and Center

We’re getting major Dua Lipa vibes from this two-toned voluminous style that creates a cradle for the central French braid to pop. Try this if you want a look that screams holiday hair without being overdone.


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