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7 Hair Lessons We Learned From Clueless

Today we’re hair-flipping our bouncy 90210 blowouts in honor of Alicia Silverstone’s 41st birthday. Without Alicia, who played Cher Horowitz (and won an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance), Clueless wouldn’t have become the classic 90’s film it’ll forever be considered. The Cher-approved way to cover up third-day hair for class, a time-saving holiday party look—we rounded up the beauty lessons we learned from the film that keeps on giving, and the one we can’t. stop. watching.


1. The cutest coverup for third-day class hair? A little dry shampoo, and a black beret or a totally 90’s beanie.

2. Be productive and bake while you wait for your curlers to come through with a voluminous blowout ahead of date night.

3. Never call anyone a virgin who can’t drive unless your curls are on point. In the 90’s, Tai’s were. But today, nuh uh girl, ringlets had their day.

4. Box braids billow a 100 times better in freeway wind when they’re beatified by a floral knit cap.

5. Don’t revive flared ends unless you plan on completing the ‘do with a furry hair accessory.

6. Cher’s time-saving Christmas party updo leaves you with more time to roll with the homies.

7. If your BFF passenger is wearing a huge floral top hat, triple-check your blind spots.


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