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7 Nostalgic Hair Products ’80s Babes Used to Love

From Madonna’s signature puffed-up platinum curls to Joan Collins’ iconic Dynasty headwear, the 1980s were big on hair. With perms and parabens galore, the ’80s obsession with shape and style continues to have a lasting impression on the beauty industry as we know it today. So, we’re paying homage to the raddest retro decade with these seven hair products ’80s babes used to love.

1. Clairol Benders Curlers

TBT to when perms were a thing. With flexible, comfortable foam, Clairol’s iconic curlers were the overnight secret to those ultra-tight, Jennifer Grey-esque curls.

2. Aqua Net Hairspray

That fluffed-up, 1980s glam rock hair wouldn’t have been possible without Aqua Net, the decades’ choice of hairspray. This super-stay spray kept those teased-up tresses looking larger than life and our ’80s babes looking like MTV video vixens all day long.

3. Conair Crimping Iron

It’s not a 1980s nostalgia piece without an homage to crimping. Conair’s Fashion Plates Crimper was the go-to styling tool for those popular micro-waves. Crimping had a recent resurgence on the runways of Paris Couture Week, so it might be time to revisit this retro trend.

4. Banana Clips

Banana clips served some power boss vibes back in the day. These curvy clips kept those strands slicked back, sleek, and business-ready. Feeling nostalgic? These bad boys are only $4 at Walmart. Go ahead and unleash your inner ’80s babe.

5. L’Oréal Studio Line

The brand that brought mousse to America. L’Oréal’s de Stijl-themed studio line had everything an ’80s babe might need: mousse, gel, spray, and a catchy-cringey advertisement.

6. Teasing Combs

Eighties babes never left home without a teasing comb. These travel-sized, fine-toothed combs were an instant fix to lackluster locks. Hair falling flat? Backcomb those tresses to voluminous perfection.

7. Wella Balsam’s Instant Conditioner

With ads featuring ’80s superstar Brooke Shields, it’s no wonder Wella Balsam was basically a household name. Wella Balsam’s Instant Conditioner promised shine, body, and healthy-looking locks.

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