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7 Looks Bold Enough to Bring Out the Aries In You

It’s Aries season, y’all!

This spring star sign is known for being a leader when it comes to trends and life. The youngest sign of the zodiac, Aries is also the most carefree. Aries people are energetic, competitive, impulsive, ambitious, headstrong – all attributes that make rocking bold trends second nature. Even if you weren’t born between March 21 – April 19, you can still channel your inner Aries (tell everyone you’re an Aries) with these head-turning Aries hair trends that don’t come as easily for most of the zodiac.

Spiky Warrior

Aries is symbolically associated with the headstrong ram, and this aggressive star sign is never one to back down from a fight. This spiky punk style perfectly embodies all that fierce, warrior energy.



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Covid Approved Texture

Impulsive as they may be, Aries are also sharp – and not a star sign that takes Covid lightly. This look is everything a bold Aries needs to remain stylish yet cautious during a lingering pandemic.



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Two-Tone Color

Though Aries are characteristically decisive, this two-tone color is the best of both worlds and enough to satisfy even the hardest to please Mars.



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Outside-the-Box Edges

Creativity is synonymous with Aries – and styling edges in an unexpected way perfectly encompasses their outside-the-box thinking.



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Braided Crown Yourself

The focus of the Aries is on the Aries. This braided style creates a crown for you, so there’s no mistake about who’s the queen, honey.


Fire Sign Mane

A definitive fire sign, the most Aries thing you can do is base your color inspo on an actual flame.



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Striking Accessories

No accessory is too over the top for a confident Aries – including neon flowers.


THESE celebs are showing out like Aries.

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