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7 Male Grooming Must-Haves Right in Time for Valentine’s Day

You want your guy to look his best all year. But on Valentine’s Day, you can help level him up without having to explain yourself. A grooming gift speaks for you, so you don’t have to ask “when was the last time you manscaped?”, point out that he’s looking wild, or bring up that it bothers you that he can’t grow a beard at all. Avoid the argument with any of these male grooming gifts, guaranteed to get your guy on track to groomed masculine perfection.

Pacific Shaving Co. The Nick Stick: $13

While it’s not exactly glamorous, nicks happen. When your guy cuts himself, you can come to the rescue with the Nick Stick, a pocket-size rescue he didn’t know he needed.

(via Pacific Shaving Co.)

Gage for Men Greener & Cleaner Set: $36

Perfect for the man on the go, this travel set is clean, classic, and will level up any shelfie.

(via Gage for Men)

Frederick Benjamin The Regimen: $30

Men’s grooming company Frederick Benjamin was created to empower Black men with products targeted for textured hair. The Regimen is a three-step system to keep hair fresh and put a stop to dry or itchy scalp.

(via Frederick Benjamin)

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0: $79.99

Made with skin-safe technology, this body-specific groomer is the ultimate Valentine’s Day male grooming gift. You know why.

(via Manscaped)

CG The Beard Growth Kit: $139

Help bae boost his beard with The Beard Growth Kit, a three-step process to fuller facial hair.

(via CG)

Andis Cordless T-Outliner Li Trimmer: $141.44

One of our favorite Andis trimmers on the market, the Cordless T-Outliner is perfect for a pro-quality, cordless shape-up at home. It will take your man’s grooming to a whole other level this Valentine’s Day.

(via Walmart)

Scotch Porter Boar’s Head Brush: $20

Made from authentic boar bristles and beechwood, this palm-sized Scotch Porter brush keeps hair tangle-free while distributing natural oils for a mane that’s healthy, clean, and shines—what man wouldn’t want that?

(via Scotch Porter)

Male grooming shouldn’t be the only focus this Valentine’s Day. HERE is all the Valentine’s Day hair inspiration you need for datenight!

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