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7 Male Grooming Must Haves Right in Time for Valentine’s Day

You want your guy to look his best all year – but on Valentine’s Day you can help level him up without having to explain yourself.

A grooming gift speaks for you, so you don’t have to ask — “when was the last time you manscaped?”, point out that he’s looking wild, or bring up that it bothers you that he can’t grow a beard at all. Avoid the argument with any of these gifts, guaranteed to get your guy on track to groomed masculine perfection.

Pacific Shaving Co. The Nick Stick: $13

While it’s not exactly glamourous, nicks happen. When your guy cuts himself, you can come to the rescue with the Nick Stick, a pocket-size rescue he didn’t know he needed.

Gage for Men Greener & Cleaner Set: $36

Perfect for the man on the go, this travel set is clean, classic, and will level up any shelfie.

Frederick Benjamin The Regimen: $30

Men’s grooming company Frederick Benjamin was created to empower black men with products targeted for textured hair. The Regimen is a 3-step system to keep hair fresh and put a stop to dry or itchy scalp.

Manscaped – The Lawn Mower 3.0: $79.99

Made with skin-safe technology, this body-specific groomer is the ultimate Valentine’s Day must-have.

CG The Beard Growth Kit: $99

Help bae boost his beard with The Beard Growth Kit, a 3-step process to fuller facial hair.

Andis Cordless T-Outliner® Li Trimmer: $172.63

One of our favorite Andis trimmers on the market, the Cordless T-Outliner is perfect for a pro-quality, cordless shape-up at home.

Scotch Porter Boar’s Head Brush: $20

Made from authentic boar bristles and beechwood, this palm-sized Scotch Porter brush keeps hair tangle-free while distributing natural oils for a mane that’s healthy, clean, and shines – what man wouldn’t want that?

We’re loving THIS heart-shaped V-day inspo for her.

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