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7 Microfiber Towels to Cut Down Drying Time

“Ain’t nobody got time for that” is a catchphrase that resonates so deeply because it’s true AF, and nowhere is it more applicable than literally waiting for you hair to dry. Whether you plan on heat styling or air-drying, ridding your locks of stubborn water droplets is an annoying inconvenience that we wish we could bypass. Imagine if you could snap your fingers, twiddle your nose or blink twice and just like that, your sopping wet mane would be perfectly dry and you’d be ready to go. As a New Yorker who is constantly battling the elements, in no season does this cause more pain than winter, when it’s so cold that your hair can actually freeze. To keep frozen mane off the menu and cut your drying time by an impressive amount, we rounded up the best in towel tech – here are our top picks for microfiber towels guaranteed to get you out the door pronto.    

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