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7 Millennial Hair Trends We Kinda Miss

Fresh off the great side part debate, I’m feeling nostalgic for all the love to hate it (but you definitely rocked it if you were there) millennial hair trends. With The Hills as our cultural reference point let’s take a trip down memory lane to appreciate some of the best styles of the early aughts and over the last decade, really any time before Gen Z had purchasing power and when TikTok was Vine. From poofs to pompadours, all the visible layers, chunky highlights (they’re back), to headbands (also back), and side bangs, which are basically just a one-up of the side part, as well as everyone’s favorite—ombré. Take a look back as we remember these forgotten millennial hair trends.

The Bump It/Hair Pouf

Did you own a Bump It? This volumizing hair hack was peak millennial style and could turn an everyday pony into a red carpet sitch, except you probably bought it off an infomercial.


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The sophisticated version of the poof, the pompadour is best described as an elaborately styled voluminous mullet that we all hoped to emulate. Jessica Simpson on the red carpet is peak pompadour.

Highly Layered Hair

Ghost layers were not a thing! Instead, highly visible, hear me roar, don’t cut yourself on my hair, layers were a top trend for what seemed like a long, long time. I personally blame The Rachel, which took stylists years to recover from.


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The Headband

This was the crowning accessory that tied every look together. Look no further than Lauren Conrad in her The Hills hey day for inspo on how we wore it, because you weren’t fully dressed without it.


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Chunky Highlights

I’ll give Kelly Clarkson credit as being the face of this style, though other pop stars were definitely on board. Chunky highlights were a showy way of wearing your color and was later usurped by hyper-blended hues painstakingly applied to appear natural and sun-kissed. Chunky layers are back, however, because fashion.

Side Bangs

If Gen Z is mad about side parts, it’s probably because they are rebelling against side bangs. This millennial hair trend was pretty much required styling if you wanted to look like anyone in High School Musical, in a good way.


Dark hair that magically became lighter, as though you had neglected it on purpose, was the color choice of every celebrity human for the last decade and it will always hold a special place in our mane heart.

There’s more millennial nostalgia where that came from. Check out our favorite looks from the early 2000s HERE!

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