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7 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Styling an Updo

Between the holidays, NYE, and upcoming winter weddings, styling your mane for every new event can be a tedious task. That’s where the undone updo comes in. A windswept bun can adapt to nearly any occasion. But as effortless as this romantic style looks, nailing it takes a bit of skill. Between all of the braiding and bun-ing, it’s easy to end up with an updo that’s uptight. We rounded up the 7 most common mistakes people make when styling an updo. Read on to find out what moves to make and what missteps to avoid when pulling together a gorgeous chignon.

1. Harsh lines

While a harsh part really brings together a sleek and severe chignon, it’s a big no if you’re going for the undone, romantic look. Opting for a zig zag line instead of a straight part can help soften an updo and hide the scalp.

2. Crown height

The crown is key. Unless you’re looking to rock a stylized 60s ‘do, be sure to secure the crown with just the right amount of volume. Pin it too low and your updo will sag, pin it too high and you’ll lose that effortless “falling out” aesthetic. Securing the crown a bit above the nape of the neck gives you more room to play around without having to artificially lift your updo to cover pins and elastics.

3. Braiding from the side

If you’re incorporating a braid into your chignon, you’ll want to watch where and how you braid. Standing on the side of the head and braiding out can create issues when you pull the plait back into the bun. The last thing you want when creating the an updo is a bumpy, lumpy braid. Instead braid those tresses back from behind the head. This will keep the look smooth and cohesive.

4. Ultra-tight braids

On that same note, avoid ultra-tight braiding. The secret to a bohemian bun is an undone plait. Whether you’re going traditional or opting for a fishtail or a dutch alternative, you’ll want to add a little texture by strategically pulling out portions of the plait before pinning it all together. This creates a much lighter, less uptight aesthetic.

5. Bun-ing

This is the final push. Piecing together the perfect bun is a real skill. While your inclination might be to grab pieces at random to create a laissez-faire aesthetic, simply pinning portions in circular shapes doesn’t generally yield the desired result. Constructing a bun like this leads to a loopy looking updo that doesn’t quite work with the other elements of the look. Pull and pin pieces from side to side instead of twisting your tresses ever upward for a less severe chignon. Make sure to tease those strands as you go to create the ideal level of softness.

6. Face-framing

Face-framing is make or break when it comes to an updo. If you’re leaving a few locks around your face, it’s best not to grab chunks straight from your part. Instead, you should opt for selecting strands at random all around the hairline, from the top of the face down to the ears. Pulling lots of little pieces gives way to a windswept style that can’t be beat. Comb out and curl these tresses away from the face for the finishing touch.

7. Hairspray is not your best friend

While a good hairspray can go a long way, a creme, styling mousse, or texturizing spray might give you a better result. Too much hairspray can leave your updo looking crunchy. You’ll want your undone bun looking touchable and wispy. Opting for something with a little less hold will yield a more natural-looking final product.

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