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7 Mom Bobs That Are Anything But Basic

Mom bobs lowkey get a bad rap. But in reality, there’s nothing frumpy about this classic cut. This shoulder-skimming lob is a true style staple. Trust us, the mom bob is kind of always in. Whether you go for something banged, blunt, textured, or tousled, this time-honored trim can work on just about anyone. From our actual moms to our favorite celebrities. Just ask anyone: these seven mom bobs are the epitome of cool.

1. Ultra-Blunt Ends

Lea Michele took the plunge and lost her length for a shoulder length crop. Her super-blunt mom bob is absolutely stunning.


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A post shared by Lea Michele (@leamichele)

2. Natural Waves

The lob is the ultimate natural-texture accentuator, just ask Alexa Chung. The model and designer is the queen of rocking natural waves with a shoulder-skimming ‘do.


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A post shared by Alexa Chung (@alexachung)

3. Tousled Ends

There’s no need to go blunt when it comes to wearing this trend. Add a little movement at the ends to truly elevate the mom bob.


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A post shared by Jessica Monkarsh (@lalocahair)

4. Curtain Bob

The curtain bang trend is still going strong. And nothing pairs with this flirty fringe like a fresh mom bob. This is a two-birds-one-stone kind of situation—and we’re into it.

5. ’90s Mom Bob

From money-piece highlighting to tucked-in ends, the ’90s are making a major comeback in the hair world. Luckily, this lovely lob trend is totally timeless.


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A post shared by James Earnshaw Hair (@jhair_stylist)

6. The Mom Shag

Mom bob length, ’70s shag volume. Get the best of both worlds in this layered lob. Who would have thought these two trends could co-exist in such a chic way?

7. Side-Parted Lob

Olivia Culpo is always on top of it. The model took the mom bob trend to the next level with beachy waves and a deep side part. The ultimate undone aesthetic.


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A post shared by Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo)

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