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7 Super Eco-Friendly Hair Brands to Support on World Environmental Day

Unfortunately, your hair product addiction isn’t helping the planet. From plastic packaging to water-based shampoo and conditioner (not to mention the chemicals), we’re willing to bet that most of what’s in your haircare arsenal could be more sustainable. Of course, it’s not too late. You don’t have to compromise on quality or spend a ton to begin working more eco-friendly haircare brands into your regimen.

To aid on your sustainability quest, we rounded up the top low environmental impact brands, both in terms of ingredients and packaging. Whether they offer subscription-based refillable packaging or forego it entirely, these brands are committed to lowering the not so beautiful impact the beauty industry has on the environment. Likewise, all ingredients are totally free of toxins or harsh chemicals and for some brands, they’re as close to the wilderness as we’re going to come without renting a car. Scroll through for 7 of your new faves.

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