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7 No-Fuss Hairstyles to Wear on a Plane

From planning to packing to panicking in your uber on the way to the airport, the road to relaxation is a stressful one. In the whirlwind dash to make it to your flight by boarding time, there’s hardly a moment to grab a decent meal let alone worry about your hair. But lazy-girl staples like ponytails and messy buns just don’t fly on a five hour flight. Between the recycled plane air and the static-inducing seats, air travel leaves your hair feeling grimy, greasy, and unmanageable. Not a great way to kick off your vacay. To solve these problems, we’ve pulled together 7 no-fuss hairstyles to get you through those long travel days. So you can look great at the airport, on the plane, and when you land with ease. 

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