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7 Products Guaranteed to Relax You

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and many reasons to stress TF out – but being a bundle of nerves rarely helps things. Too much stress can harm your health, which can impact your hair growth and the quality of your mane. When it feels like everything is crumbling around you, taking time for self-care can make a huge difference, especially if you’re focused on relaxation. We rounded up some products that you can rely on when you need to unwind and just chill.

Philip B CBD Scalp and Body Oil: $95

Fight inflammation and stress with this nourishing dual-action CBD oil by Philip B.

HUM Nutrition Calm Sweet Calm: $30

Ashwagandha and L-Theanine give these tasty gummies their potent de-stressing properties. Take daily to reduce cortisol levels and facilitate much-needed relaxation.

Sexy Hair with CBD Mini Trio: $22.95

Calm is a state-of-mind – make sure you keep your cool wherever you are with a travel set featuring CBD haircare essentials, including shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in-conditioner.

Odacite’s Mon Ami Acupressure Tool: $19

Relax the muscles around your hairline and up through your scalp with Odacite’s DIY acupressure tool – you’ll be shocked at what a difference reliving the tension in your face makes on overall stress levels.

UMA Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil: $70

Cash in on me-time by pampering yourself with a luxe hair oil. UMA’s is made with citrus and botanicals that will revive and defrizz tresses while you exhale.

BosleyMD Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub: $28

Gently exfoliate away the day’s anxiety with a soothing scalp scrub packed with essential oils from BosleyMD.


Dream Girls Hair Revival Deep Treatment: $34.99

Penetrate your mane with Dream Girls rejuvenating and super moisturizing treatment. While you can’t control everything in life, you can take time to ensure your hair is soft and hydrated – and that’s sometimes enough to keep you calm.

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