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7 Real NY Women Reveal Whether Or Not They’re Comfortable Going to a Beauty Salon

When you ask New York women if they are ready for a haircut, you’re guaranteed to get a grab-bag of answers.

While the opportunity to be pampered outside the realm of self-care Sunday does sound tempting, the consequences of letting your guard down and being so close to a stranger in an enclosed space is, for many, not worth it – especially with all the salon-centered horror stories that have emerged over the last 100 day like the 140 people infected in Missori, or this major COVID-19 salon scare in LA.

Of course, some people are willing to assume more risk than others, especially if they feel like they’ve already been exposed.

Though New York was originally the city hit the hardest by the pandemic, we’ve social distanced our way to tolerable numbers, at least for now. To gauge the comfort level of my fellow New Yorkers, I asked a group of girls who never once left their home turf during the pandemic, unlike many who decided to cash in on a lowkey second home and get out of dodge when ish went down.

Here’s what these tough city women have to say on returning back into the stylist’s chair.

Drybar is upping the ante on salon cleanliness. HERE’s how they plan to update post-Covid.

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