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7 Real Women With Buzz Cuts Share How Their Style Empowers Them

A buzz cut isn’t for the faint of heart. That being said, it’s not hard to guess why it has emerged as the cut that best exemplifies this very unique moment. Between social unrest, blatantly corrupt leadership, and a virus that’s spreading like wildfire, it’s as though a proverbial safety net has been pulled out from under us. And with feelings like that comes a need for change as well as control – enter, the buzz cut. It’s growing in popularity – even Tiffany Haddish did it! These ladies braved the chop (some, years ago) and are that much more empowered because of it. They got candid with us, sharing the impact and inspiration behind their beautiful cuts, which ultimately prove we are all much more than our hair.  

1. Something All Women Should Experience

Almost a year ago, I woke up with the desire to change my look. I wanted to radicalize. I needed to know myself automatically, and because I was so attached to my hair, I decided that it needed to let it go. Today, when a woman asks me why I cut it, I say it was the best decision I ever made in my life, because cutting ‘bald’ was liberating. I discovered that women don’t need hair. I found that I can be myself without hair, and can be feminine even though I’m bald. This gave me much more self-confidence and my self-esteem grew. I wish all women could experience this feeling of empowerment.

– Victoria


2. More Than Hair

Buzzing my hair off made me realize how much I was hanging onto a very specific person that I wanted to reflect out on the world. Being that attached to my look became quite restrictive. Shedding my bob made me realize that I have more than one facet.

– Roxana

3. Confidence Booster

At first, it was really weird and new, but I got used to it very fast. It really gave me a boost of confidence, and I really love it. I‘ll definitely keep it for a while.

– Lea

4. Femininity Is Deeper Than Hair

Having shaved hair makes me feel strong, sexy, and special, but above all, feminine.  I have been wearing this style for 7 years and it is part of my personality. It is a characteristic that lets others know that I am a woman with a lot of character and I also believe that I can help other women who are going through an illness to understand that long hair is not synonymous with femininity.

– Violetty

5. I Look Powerful

Having a buzz cut makes me feel free and gives me more confidence than I had with both long and short hair. The first time I shaved it off I felt a kind of relief and I loved it right away. I have never got a negative reaction, only positive comments, and that I look cool and powerful, and that is exactly how I feel!


Buzz Cut How it Feels | Mane Addicts

6. For a Good Cause

I chose to do it as I wanted to raise money for Cheltenham Open Door charity and donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust – there’s more info on the link in my bio about why specifically those charities. I hated it at first but have started to love it, I feel so edgy haha! It’s also so much easier to look after.

– Alex

7. Part of My Personality

At first, I just wanted to change up my style and help out a good cause at the same time, so I decided to shave my head and donate my hair to St. Baldrick’s cancer foundation.  But once I made the leap I discovered how empowering it felt to break out free from having the same cut as every other woman. I began the process of crafting my own style that matches my personality and how I want my carry myself through life.  Now its become a part of my personality and how I wish to project myself to the world.

– Sara

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