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7 Stylist-Approved Tips for Rocking Wet Hair


07 . 18 . 19
Emilie Branch

Emilie Branch

Writer at Mane Addicts
Emilie is a writer and editor based in New York. Though she writes about beauty, she has written for a variety of lifestyle and industry publications over the last ten (plus) years. Find out what color Emilie’s hair is now by following her on Instagram @emiliebranch.
Emilie Branch

The wet hair look is an off-duty summer staple, but how do you do it without risking looking greasy or even more “wet” than “wet look.” To find out how to master the rain or shine style, we tapped celeb hairdresser Duffy, who is basically the king of the wet look.


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Use Water to Create the Look

To get the wet hair look, begin where you think you would—with water. Duffy starts every style (regardless of the direction it ultimately takes) by liberally spraying locks with a water spray bottle, because this is literally the perfect style for a too hot day.

Apply a Rich Serum

He then applies Kiehl’s Crème With Silk Groom: $16 which is a cult favorite serum that should be on your radar anyway. So hair doesn’t look like a stiff, sopping mess, Duffy creates movement using cover clips and a side tooth comb.

Saturate With Volume Mist

He then recommends sat-u-ra-ting the hair with Oribe Volumista Mist for Volume: $44. Because you want hair to remain wet looking (even after it has dried) Duffy goes in with the Dyson Supersonic using a diffuser attachment: $399.99 set to a low speed though with high heat.

 wet look hair tips

(Image credit: Kohl Murdock)

 wet look hair tips

(Image credit: Kohl Murdock)

Lock in Moisture With Strong Hold Spray

To prevent your mane from looking soggy under typically soggy conditions, Duffy notes, “it’s all about applying the right type of moisture—and then locking it in.” He reaches for a strong hold spray to create a model-worthy look that’s “damp but not soaked.”

Keep Hair Off Face

When rocking wet hair, Duffy’s top tip is to keep the hair away from the face. “Lifting from the front hairline accentuates the cheek bones and jaw line,” he says.

You Never Want it Actually Wet

“It’s about a texture and a silhouette, you never want it actually wet,” Duffy continues, noting that product choice is key. “You want some thing with hold but also shine. Kiehl’s Creme With Silk Groom is my ideal.”


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For All Hair Types

This style can be for everyone, regardless of hair type or texture. “It works on all natural hair types,” Duffy tells us, though you want to create an over all texture. “Be cautious if you are working with month old relaxed or colored hair. The texture at the root will react differently to the moisture,” he adds. Otherwise, once you move past the potential pitfalls of the wet look, it’s truly the perfect style for looking and staying cool. If you need even more inspo for the look, Duffy recommends checking out Honeychile Rider, (also pictured above) a character from a 60s James Bond movie that totally embodies the carefree spirit of a wet look done right.

Wet, but never salty. HERE’s exactly why you want to keep your hair sodium-free.

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