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7 Times Julianne Hough’s Lob Made Us Wanna Chop Our Hair

Some people just have it all—beauty, brains and an enviable mane to boot. Take one look at Julianne Hough and you’ll quickly realize she’s one of those people. She dances, sings, acts and rocks a lob that just won’t quit. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t consider undergoing a major chop job every time we glance at her Instagram. In honor of the blonde beauty’s birthday, keep reading to see seven times Julianne’s lob gave us major mane envy.

1. That time she brought the shag back…

2. That time she gave Victoria’s Secret Angels a run for their money with those bombshell waves…

3. That time she made us want to get a Brazilian Blowout ASAP…

4. That time she brought the perm back (and it wasn’t a hot mess).

5. That time she was the total embodiment of cool girl hair.

6. That time she gave off Old Hollywood vibes and it was major.

7. That time she had still had the perfect lob even mid-action shot.

What’s your fav look? Sound off in the comments!

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