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7 Things You Should Always Let a Pro Hairstylist Do

We’ve all been there: That moment you’re staring back at your reflection and decide the mane is due for a major pick-me-up. While being spontaneous with your strands can yield ravishing results, there are some hair situations you need to approach with caution, which means leaving your mane in the hands of a professional. Scroll below for the seven things you should always let a pro hairstylist do to your hair.

Things only let hairstylist do to hair | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Unsplash / Giorgio Trovato)

Bleaching Your Hair

Do you want to add a few highlights for summer? Test-drive a pop of color, but need to bleach your hair first? Regardless of your desired outcome, leave the bleaching to the pros. Bleaching means stripping your hair’s pigment and moisture, which are two things your go-to stylist will be fully equipped to handle for the TLC your tresses need post-bleaching.

Trying Ombré or Balayage

The beauty of ombré and balayage is that they’re supposed to look natural. That is, when done professionally. Too often, those attempting to perform their own ombré more or less end up looking like they dipped the ends of their hair in bleach. For next-level locks, leave this one to the pros.

Major Haircuts

If you want to go from long to short, you can try it out yourself. But, chances are it won’t turn out as you had hoped. So instead of taking a random pair of shears to your strands, go see a professional hairstylist to have them make this major chop.

Straightening Procedures

Keratin treatments, Japanese thermal reconditionings, and chemical relaxers are semi-permanent straightening treatments that relax curls and frizz for a few months at a time. Because these processes call for multiple-timed applications of various chemicals, your treatment will be most effective if done by a  professional.

All-Over Color

One of the most important (and obvious) parts of applying all-over color is ensuring a thorough application, so as to prevent any traces of the previous color. When coloring your hair, especially with wild colors, do it with a professional.

Wedding Hair

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and something you’ll always want to remember as looking flawless—your wedding day ‘do. Leave it to a pro to take care of your tresses for a long-lasting, picture-perfect hairstyle.

Using Incorrect Hair Products

Like a posh purse, your mane is an investment and hence the reason you should never skimp on quality products. Ask your stylist which ones they suggest to get the most out of your new ‘do.

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