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7 Top Fall Trends In Lieu of Fashion Month

It looks like Fashion Month is moving ahead as planned (for now) sans fanfare and massive crowds.

While we’re excited to see what the runway has in store, we’ll definitely be missing the hundreds and thousands of street style snaps we scoop up every year. Let’s face it: we draw just as much mane inspo from the attendees as we do from the Spring/Summer collections themselves. Tons of timeless trends have originated on the streets of Fashion Weeks around the world. In lieu of a traditional fashion month, we’re searching far and wide for fresh fall looks to emulate this season.

Here are the top 7 fall trends to rock this season. Fashion Month’s next best thing.

1. Shaggy Pixies

While we love demure bobs and Mia Farrow-esque crops, this fall is all about the in-between. Style star Alyssa Coscarelli absolutely nails this autumn trend with a long, textured pixie. This look is romantic and edgy all at once.


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2. Rose Gold

Rose gold is back and better than ever. With countless celebrities serving unique takes on classic pink hair, now is clearly the time to make a major shade swap. Ariel Winter’s new rose gold tone is the perfect pink for fall.


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3. Ultra-Long Locks

Waist-grazing manes are in for everyone this season. This year, we’re ditching super-straight takes on this timeless trend. Tresses of every texture can get in on the ultra-long looks.


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4. Fringe of Every Kind

“Quarantine bangs” sparked a fringe revolution that just can’t stop. This autumn, we’re loving bangs of all lengths and textures: from 90s-esque baby bangs to flirty seventies fringe.


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5. Collarbone Cuts

Midlength cuts are a fall 2020 vibe. While we love a classic bob and long bohemian locks, there’s something so charming about a collarbone cut. Plus, these in-between lengths make for the perfect transitional ‘do. Ideal for those struggling to get a salon appointment.


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6. Retro Layers

A little softer than a full on shag, we’re drawing inspiration from 70s icons and opting for retro layered looks this season. A cool-girl alternative to the blunt ends of the past.


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7. Romantic Topknots

A lazy-girl staple with a chic twist. All of this at-home downtime has us fawning over easy updos. A bit more put together than your average one-and-done bun, wispy topknots are a fall vibe for sure.

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