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7 Easy Ways to Give Your Curls Extra Volume

So what if it isn’t the ‘80s? Big hair will always be on-trend! Full, voluminous va-va-voom curls are what hair dreams are made of, but it’s not easy to achieve—not even for natural curlies. Contrary to popular belief, natural curls don’t always equal volume. Factors that can get in the way of big, bold curls are fine texture, flatness, and/or shrinkage. No matter your situation, we’ve got a list of helpful tips that can help you bring life to your ringlets. Scroll below to discover how to add volume to curly hair once and for all!

Diffuse Dry

Adding some heat to your roots can make a world of difference for your curls. Using a diffuser dryer is ideal for naturally curly hair. When used properly, the diffuser will help stretch your roots without disturbing your curl pattern or causing frizz. Just flip your hair upside down and get to blow drying.

Use a Hair Pick

For a no-heat solution, use a wide-tooth comb or hair pick to lift your roots. This method works best on kinky, coily afro hair.

Try Clip-In Extensions

There’s absolutely no shame in the extension game. If you want to add some fullness to your curls, simply add in some clip-ins. Luckily, we’re living in a time where there are clip-ins that match nearly all hair types.

Change Your Color

If you are having trouble creating volume, try making it look like you already have it. Adding a bold bright color to your hair can give off the appearance of more defined curls.

Use Thickening Styling Products

If fine hair is getting in the way of your volume, start adding thickening stylers to your hair routine. Thickening shampoos, curl creams, conditioners, and strand-plumping serums will help your reach your big hair goals.

Go Easy on the Cream

Thick, heavy creams can weigh your hair down, making it very difficult to achieve big voluminous hair. Go light on the styling cream when twisting, scrunching, or just moisturizing your hair.

Separate Your Curls

Separating your curls into smaller curls will enhance fullness to the max. Whether your style is twist-outs, braid-outs, perm rods, or roller-set curls, you can get more volume by gently separating your curls with oiled fingers.

Now that you know how to add volume to curly hair, let’s keep it that way. Be sure to use THESE products for the most voluminous curls ever!

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