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These Seven 2000s Looks are Totally Trending

The comeback we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: 2000s hair trends are taking over. This spring we’re looking to fashion’s quirkiest decade for inspo, channeling childhood icons like Britney and Gwen. Chunky highlights, baby braids, choppy bangs- it-girls everywhere are bringing back the hottest looks from the turn of the century. In honor of this punkish resurgence, we’re rounding up every 2000s trend you need to know this spring. Read on to find out how you can get in on the retro obsession.

1. Chunky Highlights

FKA Twigs knows how to rock a retro trend. The singer took to Instagram with a decidedly 2000s updo, featuring middle parted flyaways and striking orange highlights throughout. This chunky highlight trend was a big hit back in the day, and it looks like it’s getting a second life this spring.

2. Wispy Bangs

These baby bangs put Lizzie McGuire to shame. Euphoria’s Alexa Demie hit the Vanity Fair Oscars party with some serious 2000s fringe. These thin, wispy bangs are ideal for warmer weather.

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vanity fair look

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3. Bandanas

Bandanas are highkey coming back this season. Just ask Bella Hadid. The model sported a printed scarf on a recent trip to Miami, and the look had us reeling. This 2000s ‘do isn’t just for tropical vacays. Parisian fashion house Dior debuted a stunning Fall/Winter collection at PFW earlier this month, featuring models wrapped in printed silk bandanas. Further evidence this old school trend is on the rise.

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4. Double Clips

Dua Lipa is deep into 2000s trends. The singer recently adorned her two-toned tresses with a snappy set of black barrettes. Placed just an inch or so from her stellar center part, this double accessory ‘do is simple and stunning.

5. Face-Framing Flyaways

Nothing says 2000-and-something like a few face-framing flyaways. Too long to be fringe, too few to be layers, these wispy pieces are the ultimate compliment to an otherwise sleek updo. Model Devon Lee Carlson is giving us No Doubt energy in this snap.

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6. Braided Bangs

We love a bohemian aesthetic. Our retro trend queen Bella Hadid stepped on the PFW scene in a decidedly 2000s ensemble: double denim and micro braids. These face-framing plaits are giving us Britney vibes.

7. Butterfly Clips

There’s no denying it: the 2000s had mad accessory game. Of all the clips and baubles, butterfly clips were among our faves from the decade. Popularized by icons like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda Bynes, these fun embellishments add a quirky pop to any ‘do.


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