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8 Best Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs

Getting bangs takes some major courage. Growing them out takes even more. At a certain point, your once-flirty fringe becomes a frustrating nightmare. When your cropped tresses reach that awkward, not-quite-bangs-but-not-quite-layers length, it’s hard to know just what to do with them. Do you give up and cut them back to a manageable length? Do you pin them up for the next few months and hope no one notices? The grow-out process is a tough one. Luckily there are a few tried and true fixes to help you stick out those awkward months. Check out these 8 hairstyles to wear when your fringe has got to go. 

1. Side Bangs

Side bangs are the simplest style for growing out bangs. Just pick a side, any side and give your tresses a deep side part. Now sweep those bangs to the side for a sexy, voluminous solution to far-growing fringe. 

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2. Baby Braid Crown

Give the grow-out process a touch of romance with this multi-purpose style. A braid crown is the ideal way to keep those pesky bangs out of your eyes while staying on trend. Simply start on one side of your bangs and carefully french braid those short strands across to the other side for a wispy, half-back look.

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3. Curtain Bangs

Rather than let all that loose fringe hang across your face, part your mane in the center and sweep those cropped pieces to the side a la Alexa Chung. The effect will have you looking Jane Birkin chic while keeping those tiny tresses tamed.

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4. Slicked Back with a Headband

Nothing like a little product to get the job done. Simply grab your favorite mousse, pomade or styling cream to slick back your bangs. Secure them in place with a glitzy, stand out accessory and you’re good to go. 

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5. Pins and Clips

Accessories are your go-to for growing out bangs. Just take it from Gigi Hadid. Hold that feathery fringe in place with a few sparkly clips for a 90s inspired look that’s both practical and style savvy.

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6. Fluffed Up 

When the grow-out’s got you down, a little extra volume is the perfect pick me up. Take a roller brush to those bangs and blow dry them up and back for a pompadour solution to that awkward in-between length. 

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7. Braided Top Knot

You can still get those undone, half-up, half-down strands without dealing with that eyelash grazing grown-out fringe. Simply start at the hairline and braid those bangs back up into a top knot. A simple french braid will do, but this style truly shines when you get a little more complex and go for something daring, like this 4 piece weave.

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Extra High Top Knot

Pull your mane way up to the tip top of your head for this killer look. Slick it back or rock it wispy, the extra high top knot gets your fringe off of your forehead. Perfect for a girl on the go. 

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