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8 Best Wave Foams For Natural Waves at All Price Points

Any wavy-haired babe knows that the perfect hair takes a bit of planning.

But with wave foam, the perfect curved tresses are mere seconds away. Fitted with flexible polymers and lightweight conditioning agents, these whipped styling creams gently sculpt strands and add silky shine. The ultimate one and done priming product for waves even Ariel would be envious of.

Add these 8 wave foams to your routine asap for that effortless, beachy energy year round.

1. Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse: $28

Get tousled texture without the dehydration of a drying sea salt spray. Moroccanoil’s beach wave mousse gives you long lasting beach texture in a bottle. It also creates waves with an effortlessly windswept look with flexible hold, while UV absorbers protect hair from sun damage and maintain color vibrancy.


Via Moroccanoil

2. Kevin.Murphy Killer.Waves: $34

A killer curl enhancer is every girl’s dream. This weightless wonder product reduces frizz, thickens tresses, and increases elasticity. It also defines and separates waves while reducing frizz thanks to Baobab Seed Extract to increase shine and elasticity.

Via Kevin Murphy

3. Kristen Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Mousse: $14

Enhance your natural texture with this luxe air dry mousse. Simply scrunch a golf-ball size glob through your freshly washed strands and you’re good to go.

Via Target

4. Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Refreshing Curl Foam: $8

A rice curl complex and aloe vera work together to retain waves and condition your mane. At just $8, this styling foam is too good to pass up.

Via Target

5. Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam: $25

Get weightless body and extra volume with Aveda’s unique air-infused technology. This whipped serum is ideal for fine and medium hair, fluffing waves and curls without hydrocarbon propellants. Not to forget it’s also vegan and cruelty free.

Via Aveda

6. Living Proof Curl Defining Gel: $28

More gel than foam, but this styling product is seriously good. Whether you’re dealing with high humidity or lackluster waves, this product provides definition and control for all curl patterns.

Via Sephora

7. Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Blow Dry Spray: $31

Part spray, part mousse, this unique product adds a gritty but soft texture to your tresses. For big beach hair and effortless waves, this styling serum is the way to go.

Via Sephora

8. Ouai Air Dry Foam: $28

This wash and wear foam creates the perfect set of waves. Simply rake it in, braid it up, twist your tresses – stylish strands are easy achieve with this wonder product.

Via Sephora

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