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8 Hair Trends We Definitely Need to Leave in 2020

Before we let you head on into the new year, we wanted to share some hair trends to leave in 2020.

We want to preface this by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with these hair trends. They are by no means the worst hair trends of 2020, they’re just a little too much for what we expect from 2021.

Most of them require a bit of effort and maintenance to keep up with. With the way 2020 played out, we expect 2021 to be somewhat similar. So why try a trend that will not only exhaust you, but not really see the light of day?

Keep scrolling to discover the hair trends we’re ready to leave in 2020!

Retro Flip Ponytail

The retro flip ponytail came into the picture towards the end of 2019 and has been on every head in Hollywood this year. Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber are a few of the many notable stars to sport the look. As much as we adore this sweet style, we’re ready to see another retro hairstyle take the reigns. Perhaps one that requires a lot less effort to recreate?

Loads of Accessories

From pearl clips to statement bobby pins, 2020 was all about stacking as many accessories as you could onto your strands. Not a trend for the faint of heart, this style was all about being loud. This trend would’ve been stronger had we not all been in our homes most of the year. For that reason, we say leave it behind. Maybe once we’re finally able to emerge from quarantine we’ll give it another shot. Until then, we stand by the motto less is more.

Money Piece Highlights

Who didn’t try out money piece highlights this year? These face-framing strands were a fun way to add some dimension and color to one’s hair. That being said, the highlights are more high-maintenance than you’d like. And that’s especially true for those with naturally dark hues. You have to bleach fairly consistently to keep the highlights looking fresh. That wouldn’t be too difficult if salons weren’t closing their doors once again. You could always attempt to touch it up yourself, though that could lead to a major hair disaster. So it’s probably best to leave these highlights in 2020.

Slicked Back Bun

Slicked back hairstyles are so chic and fashion-forward when worn out and about. They require quite a bit of styling, however, which feels unnecessary given how much time we spent indoors this year. Let’s be honest, we’re probably going to spend just as much time in quarantine in 2021, too. Put the hair gel and bobby pins away and opt for the messy bun instead.

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a cutesy departure from the likes of French braids. They’re also easier to recreate, though they still require a bit of effort to pull off. Because of that very reason, we believe it should stay in 2020. Even a regular braid requires far too much energy when we’re staying inside most of the time. So why exert it all recreating this style?

Color Underneath

The peekaboo effect of the color underneath style is such a fun way to experiment with different hues. And it would be more convenient, if the pandemic hadn’t happened. This is yet another style that requires a bit more upkeep than the rest, making it inconvenient for 2021. We suggest sticking with hues that are low-maintenance. If you do want to test our colors, go the temporary route.

Oversized Scrunchies

Oversized scrunchies unfortunately started rising in popularity at the least convenient time. We love scrunchies and never want to see them go out of style, but the oversized trend is almost unnecessary during these times. They would make for a cute accessory during a date or an evening out with friends, but don’t offer much when you’re stuck inside. Leave ’em in 2020.

The Shag

We’re likely going to catch a lot of flak for this one, but we’re tired of the shag. We’ve seen it everywhere. And it basically looks the same on everyone. There isn’t too much room for this cut to vary from person to person, so we’re ready for a more versatile style to take over in 2021.

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