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8 Hair Trends We’re Leaving in 2019

It’s out with the old and in with the new on January 1, 2020. While some 2019 trends have ascended to classic status (we’re looking at you blunt cuts and crimson colors), others will be getting the boot when we reign in the new decade. From hair glitter to shades of grey, we’re retiring some of this year’s favorite looks and making way for a whole new year of hair inspo. They say hindsight is 2020 (get it?) and, looking back on a whirlwind year, these are the 8 hair trends we’re leaving behind.

1. Chemical Straighteners

While smoothening treatments certainly have their upsides, 2020 is all about texture. We’re leaving over-processed strands in the past and opting for natural waves and curls instead.

2. Ombré

This gradient highlighting aesthetic has been a fan favorite for a few years now. Babylights, full-fledged balayage, lock-length lowlights- we’re going glowy in the new year. Striking all-over shades are on the horizon, too. But sadly, ombré is out.

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3. Microbangs

Bye-bye baby bangs. Ultra-blunt, eye-brow skimming styles were a huge hit in the last decade, but we’re opting for softer edges and longer fringe in the new one.

4. Grey Tones

Wave goodbye to grey hues on January 1st. These smoky shades are a bit too flat for the next decade. We’re kicking 2020 off with bright bubbly takes on this tone instead. Think icy blondes and near-white hair colors.

5. Chunky Highlights

This 90s favorite had a bit of a moment in 2019. While we love a good throwback, this piece-y coloring technique won’t be following us into 2020. We’re going subtle and sunny for highlights post-NYE.

6. Hair Glitter

These shimmery palettes and pastes were all the rage this past year. But hair glitter is a little fast and flashy for 2020. We’re taking the new year in a more demure direction, reaching for glitzy accessories instead of shiny products.

7. Crimping

Crimping made a comeback this year and…it was fun while it lasted. These ultra-fine waves should stay in the last decade. Voluminous waves and big barrel curls will be making a splash in the new year.

8. Khaleesi Braids

Sorry folks, but Game of Thrones is over and it’s time to accept it. Four and five strand braids, though eye-catching, are just too much for 2020. Next year, we’re opting for updated versions of simpler styles, like pulled apart fishtails and elegant double-banded twists.

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