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8 Tips For Sexy Beach Hair, According to Gigi Hadid’s Stylist

Summer is the time to let your curls go wild — whether you actually have them or are happily faking it. Beachy hair is sometimes tousled, maybe a little bit messy and always touchable. To cheat big and sexy beach waves, Laura Polko, celeb stylist to the very sexy Gigi Hadid, is sharing her official pro tips — right before it’s time to hit the beach.

“The best look for summer is always texture,” says Laura, which is pretty much fact. There’s a definite je ne sais quoi about rocking undone waves that remind everyone of vacation. Luckily, even the volume and texture-challenged can get the look by following Laura’s straight-forward advice.

Build on Day Two Hair

The beachy look isn’t polished, so there’s no need to start with fresh hair. Instead, “build on what you’ve got,” she shares. TBH day two hair is the perfect canvas to work with.

Lift From the Back – and Don’t Tame Flyaways

Where you create volume is important, as it dictates how the hair falls and affects your overall look. Laura lifts “from the back,” purposely leaving out flyaways. “It really works to get that look of ‘I didn’t try too hard,’ which is what you’re going for,” she adds. If you take away one thing from a beach wave tutorial, it’s don’t push perfection on beach waves. These are not Shirley Temple ringlets, they should look like you just spent the day living it up like Queen Bey in the sun and sand.

Apply Product with Your Fingers

Laura applies Sexy Hair Texturizing Beach Spray: $18.95 (which functions as a salt spray) all over the head, concentrating the bulk of the product at the root. She works it into the hair with her fingers, and spritzes a bit more around the face for added lift—to really pump up the style, turn on the blow dryer and further activate the product.

Pick Your Tool(s)

To create even more va-va-volume Laura adds in Sexy Hair Foam Party: $19.95. There are three tool paths you can take post-prep, either opting for a curling iron, a flat iron, or both; for added bend around the face, set the hair with clips.

Turn Your Curling Iron Out

“You always want to go away from the face,” says Laura while curling, noting that to keep locks a bit smoother, it’s best to turn the curling iron with the ends out so the style doesn’t look too polished, and risk losing its “cool factor,” she adds. Laura then sprays Surfer Girl: $19.95 directly to the hair to further rough it up, using the T3 SinglePass Curl Curling Iron: $160 to get the look.

Hold Your Flat Iron at a Diagonal

To use the flat iron to get a bit of wave, hold the iron at a diagonal and work it up, down, up and down, as you thread hair through – Laura relies on the T3 SinglePass Luxe Flat Iron: $180. This gives you perfect texture without looking like you tried. If you’re using a flat iron, make sure ends aren’t turned under but instead out — “you want it to get bigger and bigger,” Laura explains.

Use Both Hot Tools – But Rough Up Your Ends

If you can’t choose just one tool, use both a curling iron and a flat iron for double the texture, and seal the beachy deal with another shot of the Surfer Girl product.

Ride the Wave

That’s all it takes to achieve sexy waves that look like they’ve been sexed up by the sea.

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