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8 Top Claudia Schiffer Hairstyles to Channel ASAP

When it comes to the 1990s fashion world, Claudia Schiffer reigned supreme.

We’ve got a bit of a thing for throwback tresses at the moment. So naturally, Claudia Schiffer is on our minds. The German supermodel’s iconic platinum tresses are truly timeless, giving us decades of everlasting mane inspiration. With effortless texture and iconic layers, Schiffer’s voluminous locks stunned in every style, from windswept waves to sculpted updos.

So we rounded up the supermodel’s top tk mane moments, for some totally on point spring style inspiration.

1. Bedhead

“I woke up like this” never looked so put together. Effortless, undone, and teased to perfection, Claudia Schiffer did the messy aesthetic better than anyone else.

2. Floral Accents

Nothing screams springtime like a few floral accessories. These rose accents add a little bit of romance to a ladylike look,  the perfect addition to any half-updo.


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3. Mega Volume

Raise your hand if you’re in major need of 90s level volume? Claudia Schiffer seriously slays when it comes to big hair and banging blowouts.


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4. Brigitte-esque Bows

Claudia Schiffer is channeling another iconic Mane Muse with this bow-tied style: Brigitte Bardot. 60s vibes with a 90s twist? We’re in.

5. Glamour Waves

We’re always here for Old Hollywood glamour. Claudia Schiffer’s retro blonde waves look glossy and gorgeous in this red carpet snap.


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6. Super Chignon

While the supermodel may be known for her long layers, we’re pretty into her updos. This voluminous chignon is just too chic. The wispy feathered fringe adds an adorable accent to boot.


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7. Accessory Overload

Schiffer is absolutely stunning in this Chanel editorial from 1993. The supermodel’s accessory game is totally on point, with tortishell clips and a velvet ribbon to top off this braided top knot.


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8. Leopard Print

The fashion darling is at it again with this classic accessory. Every Mane Addict needs a leopard print beret in their lives.


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