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80s-Inspired Crimped Ponies Rule at Tibi 2019

If there’s a show that always delivers off-duty, effortless hair, it’s Tibi. Aveda artist Frank Rizzieri was in command backstage  per usual drumming up the beauty look for Tibi’s FW2019 runway show. The room was full of energy and abuzz with a hair change minutes before models took to the runway. During these crucial moments, models poured in and out of an assembly line so the master himself could crimp each pony.

They aimed for hair that purposefully looked haphazardly but pulled together. The hair was pulled into a low pony and secured with reclaimed fabric in varying tones of maroon, black, and other muted colors. “The hair crimps in this look are so mistake-y and good,” said Tibi founder Amy Smilovic. “It’s like everything you’re not supposed to do,” she concluded. We’re soaking up all of the 80s clues for fall and fully plan on executing our own accidentally crimped pony stat. Follow the step-by-step guide below to recreate the look.

How to Create Tibi 2019 Hair:

  1. Frank Rizzieri started by spraying Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray in straightened hair at the root to give some lift.
  2. Secondly, using a curling iron he carefully clamped and twisted the hair in an upward motion to create a crease approximately 1” in length.
  3. Aveda Brilliant™ Spray-on Shine was sprayed on to the brush before running it through models’ hair.
  4. The Aveda artist secured ponys with a clear elastic before covering the area with reclaimed fabric cut from extra material found in the Tibi showroom.
  5. Aveda Air Control was used as a final step to hold everything in place.

Aveda for Tibi 2019

(via Aveda)

aveda for Tibi 2019

(via Aveda)

(via Aveda)

(via Aveda)

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