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9 Best Shampoos to Use After a Day in the Pool

Nothing says summertime like a day—or night—spent lounging around poolside. As luxurious as dipping in and out of your personal body of water can make you feel, it can have the opposite effect on your mane. It doesn’t matter if you plan on soaking in a salt or chlorine treated pool—both are damaging. Salt can cause hair to be dehydrated, resulting in brittle locks. Chlorine can be drying in the short-term but can also create longer-lasting damage, like a change in your hair color and even hair loss. Fortunately, you can combat its effects (chlorine oxidizes metals that occur in water, and that chemical reaction is responsible for turning strands that telltale green) with these super cleansers. Your strands shouldn’t prevent you from going full cannon ball, just make sure to suds up after you swim. Here are the best shampoos to keep your mane strong, no matter the elements.

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