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6 Brush Options Less Expensive Than Mason Pearson

Ask any celebrity hairstylist to show you what’s in their bag, and you’ll find a Mason Pearson brush. Handmade in England and ethically made with the finest boar bristles, the Queen Elizabeth of brushes is every mane’s most-trusted mate. The thought of a Mason Pearson-less kit is a cringeworthy one, but so is putting a $200 dent in your wallet. If you don’t own the VIB (very important brush) or do own one that needs replacing but can’t stomach shelling out two bills, we’ve got news: alternatives comparable to the MP exist. Check out our six favorite Mason Pearson brush dupes below!

Leonor Greyl Natural Boar Bristle Brush: $74

Other than the Mason Pearson, this has to be one of our favorite brushes. It smooths and shines our medium-length strands like no other. We will say this brush tends to work best for medium to longer strands more so than shorter locks.

Leonor Greyl Natural Boar Bristle Brush
(via Leonor Greyl)

Denman Natural Boar Bristle Grooming Brush: $32.99

The price tag alone is enough to draw anyone to this boar bristle brush, but there’s more to this Mason Pearson brush dupe than that. Its natural boar bristles add conditioner and shine to strands with each brush through. Plus, it’s perfect for up styles due to the air-cushioned pad that provides the right amount of grip and control.

Denman Natural Boar Bristle Grooming Brush
(via Walmart)

The Hair Edit Boar Bristle Finishing Brush: $18.99

This Mason Pearson brush dupe rings it at just under $20, making it affordable for nearly every budget out there. One of the biggest draws of Mason Pearson brushes is their ability to make hair healthy with each brush through. And though this brush is a fraction of the cost, it also improves the shine and health of your strands with its bristles.

The Hair Edit Boar Bristle Finishing Brush
(via The Hair Edit)

Prose Boar Bristle Brush: $72

Not only does Prose make custom haircare products, but they can also even make you your own custom boar bristle brush. Whether you have fine or thick hair, they can make a brush catered to the specific needs of your locks. Mason Pearson can’t do that.

Prose Boar Bristle Brush
(via Prose)

Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle Hair Brush: $28

For any and all vegans out there, this boar bristle brush from Briogeo is calling your name. It’s able to easily detangle every hair type and texture without causing any unnecessary damage. Again, it’s yet another boar brush that boosts your hair’s overall health.

Briogeo Vegan Boar Bristle Hair Brush
(via Sephora)

Wigo Shine Enhancer Boar Bristle All Purpose Hair Brush: $12.99

The most affordable option on this list, we love how shiny our strands look after using this Mason Pearson dupe. If you want strands that sparkle, this is the brush for you.

Wigo Shine Enhancer Boar Bristle All Purpose Hair Brush
(via Ulta)

Wondering if a more expensive hairbrush is the best option? We were curious, so we asked an expert. HERE is what they had to say!

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